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Conventional wisdom says "don't spit where you eat" - but in this case, that's ALL you do! WIth milk shakers like these, there's plenty of room to hit the bullseye, and the babes do it again and again with "spitfire" accuracy whether it's the mouth, the tits or the ass. Don't miss a drop of the action!
Sophia (yes, Extreme) makes a surprise appearance and swaps like a pro with a bubble blowing, blue-eyed Brit. Nothing like spittoons of savory spit shared amongst friends, and for a touch of class, drµnk straight from a champagne glass! Cheers mate!
The honeys decide to practice their aim as these salivating sluts go at it at close range. Traget practice is a wet and messy business, and when a funnel isn't available, a plastic mouth opener can make swapping a pleasurefully painful experience.
Spit can be nutritious and delicious, just ask these two vivacious vixens who have no qualms about adding a black dildo to the mix. These sultry swappers spit their way to a booty-lickin', drippin' climax that's just wet 'n wild fun.